Let’s Take a Different Path

Finding New Paths in Faith: Embracing God’s Call for Change and Progress

The Blessing

Anchoring in Hope: Embracing Biblical Principles for a Life of Favor and Peace


Embracing Surrender: The Liberating Path of Trusting God’s Will

Dreams Forgotten

Navigating Life’s Detours: Embracing God’s Promises and Fulfilling Destiny

Where You Sit Matters

Finding Rest in Resilience: Reflecting on Biblical Hope and Moral Fortitude

Take A Minute – of Hope with Heidi

Daily encouragement, for the struggles of everyday life. So, take a minute with me! Love Heidi

Anchored in Hope

Applying Biblical principles to anchor you further in hope.

Hope Through Biblical Figures

We often think of characters in the Bible as larger than life, their stories becoming legends. It’s easy to forget that these were ordinary men and women like you and me, with their own struggles and shortcomings. Yet, God revealed His glory through their journeys, as they placed their trust in Him. We can find hope, encouragement and wisdom, as we explore their lives.

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